Palmistry Reading: $50

Palmistry is a technique used all over the world, with it's roots in Indian astrology. A palmist will be able to tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are and point you in a direction towards happiness.
Palmistry has proven itself very useful to my clients.


Tarot Card Reading: $110

Shows the past, present & future based on your current path. This is what makes Tarot an amazing tool. It not only shows you what the future currently holds but, it will show you how to change your path and guide you throughout relationship, career & spiritual journeys.


Crystal Reading: $120

A full life reading. Will guide you on the right path in love, marriage, business, career, finances, travel, health and happiness. Gets into your past lives and reads your aura's to tell you if there any blockages, negative energy or obstacles that are standing in your way. You can ask as many questions as you like with this reading.


Love Reading: $160

Answers all questions, gives specific details on relationship. Advises in what direction to take in your love life. Will reveal if your lover is faithful or if your lover is the right one.
Gives guidance on how to mend or restore your broken relationship.


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